Free fallingis lot like taking a dive while you are flying. We specialize in creating high quality, well calibrated Swing that would ensure you the thrill under the safe and scientifically engineered set-ups of ours. A usual Giant Swing Set-up is of a height of atleast 45ft and then the height is of no bar as one can go as much higher to multiply the thrill.Feel the adrenaline gushing in your veins with our Giant Swing.

Ours team of skilled professionals understands client requirement very well and would suggest you a setup that stands upright to your expectations. Everyone who is 8 years and older can participate to enjoy the thrill. Popular with individuals, schools children, youth groups, stags & hens and even families. Attached to a comfortable harness you and your friend will be hoisted up to a height of 20 meters. From there it is a self-release system; you will pull the cord and free fall towards the ground with the momentum allowing you to swing back and forth. Works well with Killary Ropes Challenge Course or the Climbing Tower. Make this a full day program by adding a water-based activity for the second half of the day.

Two Sitter Giant Swing Setup can be installed and use for guests in Amusement Parks, Entertainment Zones, Water Park, Large Real Estate Townships. And it can be installed you’re Out of City venues like Large Resorts, Forests, Natural Trails, Adventure Camps, Valley to Valley etc.

  • Can be combined with multiple other activities.
  • Two Sitter Giant Swing Activities can be added, it’s an Unique Activity in India with adaptable Setup Cost
  • NO OF PARTICIPANTS: 1 to 10 people can participate at a time
  • Two Sitter Giant Swing Setup Can is combined with multiple other Adventure activities in one roof.
  • Two Sitter Giant Swing Setup has a very excellent ROI and can be setup on decent low cost
  • Unique Activity in India
  • Adaptable Setup Cost
  • Can Share Infrastructure with other Activities

For Two Sitter Giant Swing space required is 4000 Square Feet 15000 Square Feet

  • Land Layout
  • High strength steel
  • Steel climbing stair
  • Karabiners
  • Staff training
  • Two Winch
  • All civil Engineering work
  • Galvanized Aircraft Steel Cable
  • High Strength steel frame
  • Concept plan or design
  • Harnesses for kids or adults
  • All Mechanical Engineering Work
  • Operator trainer training at your site
  • Customized color for steel frame
  • Platform height:- Customized or designed as per your sites height by us