Best Rope Course Construction Setup company in India

We have designed and constructed many rope courses all over India. The challenge courses can be temporarily created for an event or can be constructed permanently.The rope courses conducted by us are among the best in adventure world. These courses are in natural as well as artificial settings. With a team of skilled trainers we offer high, low rope courses for beginners and advanced learners at the best price. You name the type, we have it ! We at RopeCourseAdventure keep safety of our clients as topmost priority. We plan these courses as per the need of the climber. The climbers experience full support and convenience according to their agility.

The rope course is designed to cater up to 30 participants at a time and besides being an excellent means to challenge your limits, it also acts as a great team work exercise for Corporate and Institutions.

While setting up Adventure rope course in India, possibilities are limitless. An experienced team has set up rope course all around the country. If you’re looking for more than ordinary, then talk to us or to one of our many satisfied customers. We work with you to design and construct the perfect adventure rope course for your needs: towers, ropes course elements, movie sets, and events for Adventure rope course at affordable prices. We’ll help you to create an extraordinary experience that your clients will never forget.

Providing professional Solutions for construction, design, manufacturing, building and installation of High & Low Rope Course setup in India by our experts.

Low Rope Course can be installed and build in Amusement Parks, Water Park. Entertainment Zones, Shopping Mall, City Garden, School Play Ground, Adventure Park, Large Real Estate Townships, Large Resorts, Forests, Natural Trails, Out of City Locations, Adventure Camps and free area.

  • Can be combined with multiple other activities.
  • Low Rope Course Activities can be added, it’s an Unique Activity in India with adaptable Setup Cost
  • NO OF PARTICIPANTS: 1 to 30 people can participate at a time
  • Low Rope Course Setup Can is combined with multiple other Adventure activities in one roof.
  • Low Rope Course has a very excellent ROI and can be setup on decent low cost
  • Unique Activity in India
  • Adaptable Setup Cost
  • Can Share Infrastructure with other Activities

For rope course Minimum space required is 2 000 Square Feet 10.000 Square Feet.

  • Burma Bridge
  • Bim Balance
  • Zig Zag plank
  • Charlie Chaplin
  • Double Rope Bridge
  • Swinging Bridge
  • Cat Walk
  • Slackline
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